The World Bank Middle Income Classification of countries is Damaging People

On 4 September at the World Bank Office in Buenos Aires, held a meeting with delegations of civil society organizations and representatives of vulnerable communities. Representatives submitted a letter to the World Bank with a request to change the criteria for classification of countries regarding their income. Global Fund terminates funding of prevention programs, treatment, care and support for HIV, tuberculosis and malaria to middle-income countries, although the need to support these programs is great. Christian Jankulovski, CEO of "HOPS - Healthy Options Project Skopje" led the delegation.

Call for Articles for the 5th issue of the Drugs – Policies and Practices magazine

HOPS – Healthy Options Project Skopje’s Center for Education, Documentation and Research and Coalition “Sexual and Health Rights of Marginalized Communities” announce call for articles for the 5­th issue of the Drugs – Policies and Practices.

Drugs – Policies and Practices promotes topics about drugs, drug use, drug treatment, and other related topics, such as: sex work, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B and C, Tuberculosis, rights of the marginalized groups/communities, gender perspectives, free access to public information, researches, policies, advocacy, civil society, activism, social work, social policy, health.

Drugs – Policies and Practices target audience are people who use drugs, people on drug addiction treatment, experts for drug use and drug treatment issues and all people with interest for these topics. It is published both in Macedonian (printed and online) and in English (online).

Amnesty International votes for decriminalisation of sex work


The Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP) thanks Amnesty International for standing firm with sex workers and passing the resolution calling for the full decriminalisation of sex work.

Sex workers and sex worker rights activists across the world have been campaigning tirelessly these past few weeks to highlight the importance of a call for the full decriminalisation of sex work. Many sex worker groups and allies across the world wrote to Amnesty International’s Secretary General in support of the proposed policy on sex work. One such letter, from Empower Foundation in Thailand - which has been advocating for the rights of Thai sex workers for over 30 years - wrote:

"Criminalization has not led to increased human rights or reduced abuses; it has only led to more stigma and more real crimes."

Participants announcement 2015 IPA Ohrid 05 – 09.10.2015

We are proud to announce details for the 1st Summer School on HIV Prevention in Macedonia! 

Civil Association Healthy Options Project Skopje and NGO Labyrinth are organizing “1st Summer School on HIV Prevention”. This summer school will offer multidisciplinary aspects of learning the HIV prevention, considering the social, medical, psychosocial, law, safety and policy issues.

The aim of the summer school is to create a supportive environment for future professionals that will work in HIV prevention programs in Macedonia and Kosovo.

Program of the school is focused on HIV prevention policy models, evidence based treatment, institutional and non-institutional mechanisms on HIV prevention, marginalized groups and gender perspectives and human rights in developing and implementing HIV prevention programs.

Trainer announcment

„HOPS - Healthy Options Project Skopje“ releases a call for engaging trainers for Summer School on HIV prevention Association HOPS - Healthy Options Project Skopje for the project "Prevention of HIV transmissions and drug use among resident population in the cross-border area" announces a call for engagement of three trainers on HIV prevention.

The project is financially supported by the European Union through the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA), Component 2: Border Cooperation (CBC), Macedonia and Kosovo.

Final press-conference of the campaign "And I have a right to humane treatment and compassion"

Association "HOPS - Healthy Options Project Skopje" ends the video campaign "I have the right to humane treatment and compassion" which refers to children who use drugs. The campaign we are completing today 26th of June. The day match with the „International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking".  Also on this day is organized the campaign „Support. Do not punish“, which is implemented in more than 150 cities in the world, through which the civil society organizations around the world will require governments to introduce and promote more humane and effective policies which are based on the public health and human rights„. "HOPS" is joining the campaign emphasizing the children who use drugs. Today we want to recall оn all the problems of children who use drugs, which they are facing in Macedonia. Previously to remind you of the story of Sashe. Link 1 and link 2.

I have the right to humane treatment and compassion - conferention

The Association „HOPS - Healthy Options Project Skopje" continues with the promotion of the videos referring to children who use drugs.  Тhe campaign "I have the right to humane treatment and compassion“, held a conference which was attended by representatives from the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, the City of Skopje, Psychiatric Hospital, the Institute of Social Affairs, Center for Social Work, World Health Organization and associations citizens.

The aim of the conference was to present the current situation about the problem with the children that use drugs. Problems were presented by researched data, but also from experiences of the institutions and associations. The discussion continued about the challenges and goals about the future actions.

Тhink globally - act locally

Can we change the world? We will not change the world, but we can think collectively and act individually, which will be the begin of influence on the the changes locally.

Globalization today became the biggest driving force in solving local problems from several aspects, which include access to information, creating strategies that can enhance the role of local government, acting at the local level using the successful experiences and monitoring global trends for more efficient dealing with the problem.

Research teams in agreements making a comparative analysis

On 4.06.2015 (Thursday), at Hotel Porta - Skopje, "HOPS - Healthy Options Project Skopje" within the project "Prevention of HIV and drug use among citizens in border areas", financed by the European Union held a Border meeting.  The purpose of the meeting was to share experiences, best practices and methodologies used for  the field research, challenges during the research and define these activities by setting a time frame.

The meeting emerged with harmonization of methodologies and it was given a specific guidance about preparing a comparative analysis of existing local strategies and practices as well as system support for HIV / AIDS to local governments in both countries.

The meeting was attended by two research teams led by project teams of the implementing organizations; "NGO Labyrinth" - Pristina Naim Telaku vice-principal researcher  and Vanja Dimitrievski, principal researcher  of "HOPS".  Both teams on the project had their own field researchers, participating in the meeting with their own opinions. With their own opinions and field researchers from both teams have been participated in the meeting.

And I have a right to treatment and compassion - treatment of the children addicted to drugs

"As I told you I'm Sashe. When I was about 8 I started to inject drugs. In 2011 I was situated at the clinic of Pediatrics Skopje. They treated me from drug addiction and other diseases as a result of the drug use. In August 2011, due to complications caused by long use of drugs through injection, I was relocated in a specialized hospital for Orthopedics in Ohrid. After several days without surgical intervention, the Center for Social Work from Skopje placed me in a private geriatric institution „Sue Ryder" in Skopje, because there is no an specialized institution for treatment, care and rehabilitation for children who use drugs.

In December 2011 they returned me again to the Pediatric Clinic due to the deteriorating condition of infection on the foot. „HOPS - Healthy Options Project Skopje" constantly contacted me and the representatives of the Center for Social Affairs and the health workers of the Department of Pediatrics, in order to monitor my situation. The doctors from Pediatric Clinic have told me that I need surgery on the leg, the Orthopedic Clinic refused to accept me.

One year I was placed in a medical institution without adequate care. In May 2012 I was dismissed, and handed over to care of distant relatives who were paid compensation. Due to the inadequate care, I lost my leg and now I navigate in a wheelchair.

The children that we are using drugs, we do not have adequate treatment programs and programs for care, rehabilitation and resocialization. Because of  that reason „HOPS" addressed to the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and the Ombudsman in order to alert about the overall situation, also and for my particular case."